It makes no different where your money is if you can access it from anywhere 24/7. We help people to move their money and have access to their money.


We have close working relationship and networks with banks and financial institutions, big, medium and small, from major jurisdictions. Through our extensive networks and experience we are able to analyse your banking need and then identify suitable jurisdiction and bank to move your money. As a general rule, most if not all things now do not open or strictly restrict opening bank account for national is coming from high-risk countries. The banks may impose extra terms and conditions before opening your account if you are nationals from high-risk countries. To find out if your country is listed as high risk please write to our Compliance Officer.

We more or less categorise banks into the following categories;

  1. well-known and international banks and major financial centres,
  2. large or regional banks in financial centres, and
  3. lesser-known banks in small and lesser-known centres


We then further categorise banks into corporate banks, commercial banks, high-street banks and private banks. Our categorisation is of course not exhaustive and is merely use as a general guide in our practice. If we could understand your circumstances and objective in particular the size of your turnover, the frequency and the size of each transaction we can recommend to you which category of bank is the most suitable. As a rule of thumb, if your transaction is likely to be small and your annual turnover is small too, we certainly will not recommend category 1) above.

In order to help us identify and recommend suitable banks we generally need the following information from you;

  1. expected annual turnover,
  2. number of remittance in and out per year,
  3. because size of each remittance in and out,
  4. nationality of the shareholder, director, controller and signatory,
  5. country of residence of the shareholder, director, controller and signatory,
  6. whether Internet banking, debit card and ATM card are required,
  7. countries from which payments are expected to be received, and
  8. countries to which payments are expected to be made.

The use of ATM and debit cards, either corporate or individual cards is very common now with most major banks operating in offshore centres offering these cards. The use of these cards, especially if issued by reputable banks will enable clients to access to his fund offshore at anytime anywhere in the world. In general the cash limit of these cards will be determined by the amount of deposit a client is willing to set aside to back the cards. We have years of experience in helping clients to obtain these cards and are in the position to guide you through. Clients opening offshore company and offshore bank account are recommended to apply for corporate ATM or debit card or both. Nevertheless at all time clients must be aware of the inherent charges that these cards attract.

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