Law and Commerce applies the following pricing policies;

  1. Published Fees Policy: Law & Commerce adopts and practices a transparent fee policy. First of all most of our fees are published in our website. Secondly, before a work is to be performed it is our practice to send a written quotation and get our clients to agree with the quotation. Only after the quote has been agreed will an invoice be sent out. Our fees are generally divided as follows;
  2. Establishment Fees: This is almost always payable in the first year and covers formation of companies or trust, government fees, application for work permit, bank account introduction, out of pocket expenses, etc.
  3. Annual Fees: This is payable in the second and subsequent year and covers provision of registered address, company secretary, trustee and nominees, annual taxes or government fees, etc.
  4. Management Fees: Fees agreed with you prior to undertake any assignment based on pre-agreed scope of works. This normally covers provision of accounting, invoicing and audit services. Normally a management agreement is signed governing matters between our clients and us.
  5. Refund Policy: Refund in full less minor expenses may be claimed if payment has been made and we have not proceeded with setting a structure. If a structure has been set up, no refund can be made, either in full or partial.
  6. Advance Payment: Unless you are given credit (normally to established resellers) advance payment is required before any service can be delivered.
  7. Partial Payment: Partial payment for a service item is not allowed. For example we cannot allow partial payment for company formation. However, it is possible to arrange for staggered payment for a number of service items. For example, if you order company formation, bank introduction and work permit, we may break this into three separate invoices which you can pay stage by stage.
  8. “Work Related Fee”: Some services like application for work permit and application for bank a/c are “work related fee” and not “success related fee”. In other word we bill you for work we are doing in making application for you and not for guaranteeing the success of your application. There is no refund offered in full or partially if your application is rejected.
  9. Bank Charges: Unless otherwise agreed, invoice must be paid in full net of bank charges. If payment received is less than the invoice value, Law & Commerce reserves the right not to perform the services ordered until the discrepancy is rectified. Alternatively, Law & Commerce reserves the right to carry forward any shortfall to the second year billing.
  10. Late Payment: It is our policy to send annual fee invoices at least three months before due date to allow clients sufficient time to arrange payment. Any penalty incurred due to late payment is the responsibility of the clients.
  11. Cancellation of Service: A service ordered may be cancelled if the service has not been delivered in part or in full.
  12. Notice of Fee Increase: We strive to keep our clients informed of any changes in fee structure. Law & Commerce reserves the right to amend, increase or otherwise modify its fee structures at anytime with giving prior notice to its clients, if such increase is due to factors beyond its control.
  13. Unpublished Fees: Where certain fees are not published, please write in for full written quotation.
  14. Validity of Quotation: Unless otherwise stated, a written quotation is valid only for one month.