Professional Intermediary Programme

A very large portion of our business comes from professional intermediaries. We have created this programme to enable our valued professional intermediaries to offer our services to their clients at a fraction of our retails fees.


Who can be intermediary?

Our intermediary fees are only offered to firm of professionals, whose business must involve substantially in company formation and administration. These are law firms, accounting firms, secretarial firms, audit firm, tax agents and such other firms or companies which our Compliance Officer deems as suitable to be appointed as intermediaries.



If your organisation falls under the above, your organisation is entitled to our intermediary fees. These fees are discounted from our published retail fees.


What are the discounted fees?

Discounted fees are only offered in respect of our professional fees only and not on government fees and out of pocket expenses. These professional fees cover year one incorporation cost, annual maintenance and on-going secretarial supports but excluding accounting and audit fees.


How to sign up as an intermediary?

We are required by our KYC policy and AML laws to properly engage our intermediaries. This is a simple process and FREE but our Compliance Officer will be contacting you to get some information and documents to formalise intermediary relationship. Please see the letter and the supporting documents we require.


To receive comprehensive intermediary materials; please enter;