International debit cards are commonly used to allow easy access to and use of funds. However it must be noted that its use is mostly for meeting personal expenses such as travels, entertainment and leisure. Working with a number of providers, we can assist you to apply not only single card for personal or family use, but also legal card programmes that will allow your company to issue unlimited number of cards to pre-approved or defined categories of employees or persons.

Here are just some of the most common ways to use the cards.



A cash card works like an ATM card. You can effortlessly and safely withdraw cash in millions of ATM machines around the world. Whether you are an active entrepreneur, participant in a different affiliate programs, or a consultant, your cash card simply allows you withdraw cash from your account wherever you may be.


  • Pay bills on the go, purchase flight ticket or make a hotel reservation or rent a car.
  • Provide a card to a family member, staff or associates.
  • Easily reloadable each time you need to give them fund.
  • Reload as often as you want up to the annual card load limit.
  • Save from paying high fees to transfer fund using company such as western union.

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  • The card is a prepaid, reloadable travel cash card.
  • Safest and easiest way to carry your money during vacation.
  • Even if the card is lost or stolen, all of the funds are replaceable. Your Travel Card can be used at ATMs worldwide.
  • Always keep your Card and use it for your next travel. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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  • A prepaid, re-loadable card which your kids can use at any of the millions of ATM locations around the world.
  • Unlike a credit card, a prepaid card is limited to the amount of money that is loaded onto the card.
  • Further, parents can authorize others, family or friends to put money onto the Teen Card.
  • Definitely much more secure and faster way than giving cheque or cash.