Strategic location in Asia

Ranked 15th by the World Bank in 2019 for ease of doing business
No restrictions when it comes to repatriation of capital, profits, royalties, and dividends.

Double taxation treaties with many other countries
Low start-up costs and rental rates 

Those who register a Sdn Bhd company in Malaysia will experience the following benefit:

  • Limited liabilities
  • Business continuity because a Sdn Bhd company will never expire
  • Ease of acquiring loans
  • Low income tax risk exposure
  • Company is considered a separate legal entity

Important Points to Consider Before Registering a Company in Malaysia
There are certain points to be considered by those planning to register a company in Malaysia. They are as follows:

  • Business field
  • Business plan
  • Business entity
  • Licenses and approvals
  • Registration costs

In the case of foreigners, other problems which may specifically arise with regard to foreigners living and working in Malaysia 

Business Entity Options in Malaysia
The types of business entities from which one may choose for the registration of a company in Malaysia are the sole proprietorship, partnership, and Sendirian Berhad (Sdn Bhd) company. The following paragraphs will explain more about the Sdn Bhd company and how one may be set up in Malaysia.

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