You are a consultant. You live in a high tax country and you pay too much tax. You have over sea business that generates steady income. You have had enough of the tax nightmare.


Sounds too familiar to us!! We can help you too. Many of our clients are free-lancers or consultants who work or deliver services in more than one countries, often outside of their countries of residence. For those that come from countries with worldwide tax system, often the opportunity to avail to lower tax is system is severely curtailed. Further, non-reporting is a serious offence too. Despite that, there are still many consultants who can organise their tax affairs offshore and benefit from minimisation of taxes. We do not propagate elimination of tax. It is good to pay tax, a bit of it, not otherwise. We help consultants to choose the best jurisdiction for them and recommend suitable banking arrangement. Further, we help these consultants to provide documents, information, certificates or anything that help them to claim relief or mitigate their taxes in their own countries. Talk to us if you are one such consultant.

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